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Artist Statement - 2017

Every journey starts with a single step, yet no journey is possible without the steps between its beginning and its end.  For the past several years, my oil paintings have primarily been known for using toys as the subjects that were placed in rooms, situations, and environments that caused the viewers to attach stories and lives to them. After experimenting in several directions including architectural studies, I decided to go back to making works that were more blatantly connected to subjective narration, psychology, and concept, fulfilling my desire to communicate through personal topics and interests.

Overall, the various approaches represented through these works as well as the range of subject matter throughout can also be seen as visual representations of my inner thought processes. Essentially, I am communicating my interests and thoughts while also communicating about the struggles of myself and others who contend with ADHD on a daily basis. As a society, we are so saturated with options, information, and distractions that it seems increasingly difficult for artists to capture and retain the eye, interest, and attention spans of their viewers. Many of us struggle with ADHD (diagnosed and undiagnosed) throughout their childhood and well into adulthood, making various aspects of life rather difficult at times. Many of my newest works featured here fulfill my communication needs through a narrative style that uses natural divisions, allowing the subjects/images to change throughout a single composition.

It is my hope that all of my considerations combine successfully, creating a satisfying sense of curiosity and visual interest for the viewer while also allowing them to attach their own personal narrative, meaning, and nostalgia to the works.

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